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We work for you

At Carisma, our finance specialist reviews your unique financial situation. We will work with your budget to structure the right package, customized to your needs. Tired of having to try and explain why you need a payment  on a certain day of the month? At Carisma, that is no problem. We work for you to make sure the payment schedule will fit into your budget. Call Carisma today and let them structure the perfect loan for you to purchase a car today!

Time is valuable

Your time is valuable. At Carisma Financial Corporation, we will do as much as possible over the phone and internet. However, due to federal regulation, we must complete the final verification process in person. In order to expedite the process, make an appointment with a financial specialist so you do not have to wait. While walk-ins are always welcome, we do give preference to customers who have made an appointment. Our goal at Carisma finance is to put the joy back into purchasing your next vehicle.

The best vehicle financing deal in Dallas!

The Best Financing Deal in Dallas

Carisma has a simple 3 step process to help establish or re-establish your credit and allow you to purchase a vehicle quickly.

Step One:
Call or fill out the credit accelerator online or over the phone with a finance specialist.

Step Two:
Our finance specialist will submit the credit application to senior underwriters who will work with them to develop a customized financing package that will fit your budget. During this time, the finance specialist may need to speak with you to get a firm understanding of your exact financial situation so they can give additional details to the senior underwriter. Remember, your finance specialist is always working with you to obtain the best financing option Carisma has available.

Step Three:
The final stage will be to setup a personal meeting to discuss the final details of the financing. You will be asked to bring some additional paperwork, such as a phone bill, utility bill, or cable bill mailed to the address you currently reside. They may also request you bring a in your last 3 paycheck stubs or a bank statement. If you do not have this documentation readily available, call the financial specialist today they will work with you in finding replacement documents.


Bad credit doesn't have to keep you from getting vehicle financing

Since the financial crisis that began in 2008, many hard-working people, just like you and I, had our credit rating affected. In fact, that is why my business partner and I started this website - to help good, hard-working people find reliable transportation and rebuild their credit. I have conducted seminars around the country and have a series on consumer TV to help customers know the best way to do this through vehicle financing.


Save time and money - just like the real estate industry

Many retail dealerships are only focused on selling a car, whether you can afford it or not because they will make their profit from your cash or bank as soon as you drive off their lot. They don't care if the vehicle breaks or you can't afford it.

Auto Loan ApprovedOn the other hand, a dealership that has in-house financing does not make a profit when you purchase a vehicle until you make your payments on time. They know that customers don't make their payments if the vehicle doesn't run. The dealerships that work with Carisma Financial do not want their customers to have their vehicles repossessed, they want them to make their payments on time to help them re-establish their credit and then be able to qualify for preferred finance terms on their next loan.

The best way to save time & money in the vehicle purchase process is to meet with a finance specialist. They will go through a quick 15 minute approval process which will include submitting a completed application, references and paperwork to the senior underwriter. You will then find out how many of the 200+ vehicles you qualify for. This is the same process the real estate industry goes by before they show you any homes for sale.


The "Wow" experience - People make the difference

If you are tired of dealing with "car guys" that hang out in front of dealerships waiting for the next customer to "close now", then you will appreciate the experience of the In-House dealerships we work with. They hire finance specialists from outside the car business to help the guest through the approval, vehicle selection and financial terms process. They get paid a salary and are not focused on commission. If you want a fun and smooth process to securing vehicle financing and purchasing a great vehicle call Carisma Financial Corporation today. Speak to a finance specialist and get the Wow!! Experience you deserve.