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Contact the owner for complaints

As the owner of Carisma Financial Corp., I take customer satisfaction to heart. If you believe we could have offered you better service, please let me know where we fell short and how we could make things better. Your comments come straight to me.

This will help us serve you better next time – and at Carisma, we always want you to come back for a next time.

Please understand

At Carisma Financial Corp., we understand that looking for financing can be stressful – and we understand that being under stress, you may have forgotten some information that could help you get the best financing.


If you get paid in cash – such as waiters and freelancers - you still can prove your income by making daily or weekly bank deposits, depending upon how often you get paid. Bring a bank statement covering at least one month to prove your real income. This helps our financial specialists know how much money you actually make.


If you get paid on a commission-bonus plan and are paid outside of your normal paycheck, please bring information showing this. Bring the pay stub from these commission checks to help us validate the information. We will also need a minimum of 3 check stubs from the most recent bonus plans. This will boost your income and help us get a loan approval for you.


Are you expecting to receive a tax refund? If you have filed your taxes and are anticipating a refund, tell us. 


If you believe one of these things may have kept you from getting the best deal, contact our financial specialists at Carisma today!

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